Agile Setup

We setup the complete product development process and tools to facilitate smooth functioning of the team.

Root Cause Analysis

Anything becomes better when treated from roots. RCA avoids regeneration of the bug and also stabilizes the product.

Tools (Jira, Slack,...)

Manage time, work, deadlines, more efficienclty with appropriate tools and easy to access boards

Missing Deadlines?

With a combination of tangible goals, realistic timelines and continuous improvement, you can't miss another deadline.

Release Management

We value the time of engineers. We help in automating the delivery process from CI to release.

Struggling with Legacy Code?

We help in dealing with Legacy Code using personalized solutions for each business.

Quality Code

Quality code lasts longer. We help you maintain code quality that's easy to test and maintain.


Analytics drives decisions. We provide easiest ways to track analytics with minimal changes in the product.

Cost Saving

We analyze the product, technologies, methodolgies and suggest you effective ways to reduce cost of product development

Performance Boosting

We help you in making the right choice at the right time with focus on scalability, cost, speed, etc.

Architecture Review

We analyze the application in detail and review the architecture at highlevel and provide genuine feedback along with suggestions.

Design Review and Feedback

We analyze the product high level design and provide feedback and suggestions.

Data Driven Decisions

We help you in moving towards your goal with proven approaches using existing data.


We help you undergo the better planning and requirements gathering to improve product development life cycle.

Tangible Goals

Making the goals more tangible makes it easier to execute and meet set deadlines.


"TDD is a slow process" is a myth. We follow methodologies to improve the development speed using TDD.

X -> 10X Speed

We come up with very simple solutions that reduces a lot work in tech world improving the pace by a minimum of 20%.


We help you in adapting KAIZEN, a proven continuous Improvement technique that helps company to grow.

Cost and Time Estimates

Over / underestimating cost / time is of no use. We help you estimate cost and time in all phases of product development.

3rd Party Integrations

We help you choosing the right libraries and SDKs that will fit your need after weighing both sides of the coin.

Testable and Maintainable code

Quality code lasts longer. We help you maintain code quality that's easy to test and maintain.

Code Refactoring

Refactoring produces easy to understand, maintain, clean and quality code.

SOLID Principles

Following SOLID principles improves coding quality and time. We train you in following SOLID principles while coding.

Maintainable Solutions

At the end of the day, maintainable solutions persist while other vanish. We work with you to deliver maintainable solutions.

Simplify Usage

Our in-house automation solutions is simple to use and provides an efficient way to designer, PMs, POs to test the product.

Create Test Once, Run Always

With our automation solution, create test once and use it to test multiple times.

Build CI Solutions

We setup Continuous Integration solutions such as Jenkins etc.